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We are BICE Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and Company Builder of the
BICE Group.

Corporate Venture Capital

We invest in early-stage companies that develop revolutionary technologies and business models that enhance people's lives, drive efficiency, and provide solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time.

Investment stage

Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A

Investment focus

Fintech, Insurtech, Data & AI and Wellness

Geographical focus

Chilean or Latin American startups with the intention of entering Chile

BICE as a partner

BICE as venture client. Growth leveraging the BICE ecosystem. Preferential access to financial infrastructure and product development.
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Portfolio Corporate Venture Capital

Automated and secure information processing.
Money transfers at the speed of the internet.

Company Builder

We create disruptive businesses in Fintech, Insurtech, Wellness, and AI. With a creative and agile approach, we leverage the knowledge and resources of the BICE Group to reimagine services, surprise our customers, and generate data-driven results.

Startup mindset

We combine creativity and agility. We are passionate about challenging conventions and finding innovative solutions to drive the success of our projects.


We feel comfortable in uncertain environments and believe in experimentation as a fundamental tool to test new ideas, adapt quickly, and find effective solutions that drive growth and evolution in a dynamic business environment.


We are constantly seeking new tools and technological solutions that enhance our services and allow us to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients.


We collect and analyze relevant data to understand our customers, identify trends, and make informed decisions. By optimizing our strategies, we can offer personalized and effective solutions to our clients.

Portfolio Company Builder

Transformando el bienestar en una realidad para las empresas.
Ahorro y previsión con una excelente experiencia digital.
Banking-as-a-Service, revolucionando la manera en que las empresas se conectan a los servicios financieros a través de APIs.
goBICE es una plataforma de inversiones 100% digital, con el aval de BICE